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3 Reasons Why Eastern Idaho Homeowners Are Tearing Out Their Old Carpets

You'll be glad you scheduled flooring installation services

You don't see wall-to-wall carpet in new homes anymore. Keeping carpet clean is practically impossible. That's why many Shelley, Idaho Falls & Eastern Idaho homeowners are hiring New Era Contracting, LLC for carpet removal and flooring installation services.

Wondering if you should replace your carpets? Do it for the convenience:

  1. Carpet traps dirt and stains, but laminate floors are easy to clean.
  2. Carpet acts like a sponge, but tile floors don't absorb spills.
  3. Carpet goes out of style, but hardwood floors are timeless.

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No need to tear up your carpet

We'll provide carpet removal services so you won't have to lift a finger. Got wall-to-wall carpet throughout your Shelley, ID home? No problem; we've got you covered.

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